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Silver Rings

All our rings are sterling silver rings with millesimal fineness of 925. Agma produces a broad range of handmade wholesale silver rings with cz (Cubic Zirconia). Cubic Zirconia gemstones, which are also called “diamonique”, are flawless and they are at the top of the Diamond Clarity Chart. Agma offers handmade silver rings with cz gemstones that are flawless, of extreme clarity and hardness and exquisite beauty and elegance. The  silver rings’ gemstones can be colourless, white or even coloured according to your preferences (blue, pink, green, champagne, purple, orange). There is also a great variety of shapes and sizes of the rings’ gemstones. Choose a handmade silver ring with a bigger or smaller gem in various different shapes, such as pear shape, diamond shape, flower shape, heart shape, cubin shape, pentagon shape, emerald shape, etc.

There is also a wide range of handmade silver rings without cz gemstones. These wholesale silver rings without gemstones are simpler solutions but they do not lack imagination! We produce handmade wholesale silver rings that aim to meet your standards and your specific tastes. You can choose what type of ring band you prefer and we will offer the most inspiring and elegant solution. Have a look at the Agma different shapes and styles of handmade silver rings: Flat wedding bands, D-shape rings, trinity rings, sleeve ringsyour choices are endless. Quality, elegance, innovation and beauty!! All wrapped up in a wholesale handmade silver ring solution by Agma. Ladies silver rings and wedding rings of fascinating design and quality on your request! Agma has a unique reputation of delivering wholesale silver rings of extremely high standards! Because in Agma handmade silver jewellery can be discount silver jewellery!

Agma… keeping the standards high, keeping the prices low!

Collections and Brands

What is Jewelry to us?

Jewellery is a way of expression. We believe that each customer, each order and each piece that we build is unique. We aim to design and craft silver jewelries that our customers and your customers will feel proud to wear on a daily basis. For us, developing and maintaining a long lasting and fruitful relationship with our customers is our number one priority and a tradition.