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Silver Necklaces

In Agma we produce an impressive collection of handmade silver necklaces with millesimal fineness of 925. Using 925 sterling silver and our long-lasting experience and know-how, we handcraft a wide variety of high quality silver necklaces in wholesale prices. The wholesale handmade silver necklace collection is distinguished for its unique pieces! Our expertise allows us to offer you chic handmade silver necklaces of imaginative design and to deliver superior quality in wholesale prices. Check our website and make an order now! Because in Agma handmade silver jewellery can be wholesale silver jewellery!

Agma… keeping the standards high, keeping the prices low!

Collections and Brands

What is Jewelry to us?

Jewellery is a way of expression. We believe that each customer, each order and each piece that we build is unique. We aim to design and craft silver jewelries that our customers and your customers will feel proud to wear on a daily basis. For us, developing and maintaining a long lasting and fruitful relationship with our customers is our number one priority and a tradition.