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“AGMA Jewellery Co” was founded by Kosmas Barakos in 1992. The company’s headquarters are located in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece. Over the years, the company established its reputation as a handmade silver jewellery and wholesale seller in Greece and has expanded its operations to satisfy customer demand also in Cyprus and other European markets.

The company’s culture is based upon three axes: high quality wholesale handmade silver jewellery, superior customer service and wholesale prices.

We launch at least two wholesale handmade silver jewellery collections each year. Our collections are characterised by a great variety of handcrafted silver bracelets, silver rings, silver crosses, silver necklaces, silver pendants, silver earrings and many more.

Each and every piece is a work of art. Our experience in handmade silver jewellery and our expertise is a guarantee for our clients. Placing customer satisfaction as a top priority, we produce a wide range of wholesale silver jewellery that is renowned for its elegance. Agma, produces wholesale silver jewellery that is either targeted to meet specific customer orders or follows the fashion trends.

Our 20-year expertise allows us to run our operations efficiently and offer our products in discount prices, despite the superior quality of our production lines. This is why our company maintains long-lasting relationships with its customers.

In ''agma jewellery'', we offer superior aesthetics, excellent quality and distinct customer service in wholesale prices.

In ''agma jewellery'' we have a passion in handmade silver jewellery design. We don’t see silver jewellery production as a profession, but as a craft!

Collections and Brands

What is Jewelry to us?

Jewellery is a way of expression. We believe that each customer, each order and each piece that we build is unique. We aim to design and craft silver jewelries that our customers and your customers will feel proud to wear on a daily basis. For us, developing and maintaining a long lasting and fruitful relationship with our customers is our number one priority and a tradition.